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In the name of the Father; and the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I give you my heart and my soul.

(Recite three Glory Be's to the Father in thanksgiving for having exalted St Joseph to a position of such exceptional dignity.)

Offering I

O Glorious Patriarch St Joseph, I humbly prostrate myself before you.  I beg the Lord Jesus, your immaculate Spouse, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and all the angels and saints in the Heavenly Court, to join me in this devotion.  I offer you this precious cloak, while pledging my sincerest faith and devotion.  I promise to do all in my power to honour you throughout my lifetime to prove my love for you.

Help me, St Joseph.  Assist me now and throughout my lifetime, but especially at the moment of my death, as you were assisted by Jesus and Mary, that I may join you one day in Heaven and there honour you for all eternity. Amen

O Glorious Patriarch St Joseph, prostrate, before you and your divine Son, Jesus, I offer you, with heartfelt devotion, this precious treasury of prayers, being ever mindful of the numerous virtues which adorned your sacred person.  In you, O Glorious Patriarch, was fulfilled the dream of your precursor the first Joseph, who indeed seemed to have been sent by God to prepare the way for your presence on this Earth.  In fact, not only were you surrounded by the shining splendour of the rays of the divine Sun, Jesus, but you were splendidly reflected in the brilliant light of the mystic moon, the Blessed Virgin Mary.  O Glorious Patriarch, if the example of the ancient Jacob, who personally went to congratulate his favorite son, who was exalted on the throne of Egypt, served to bring all his progeny there, should not the example of Jesus and Mary, who honoured you with their greatest respect and trust, serve to bring me, your devoted servant, to present you with this precious cloak in your honour.  Grant, O Great St Joseph, that Almighty God may turn a benevolent glance toward me.  As the ancient Joseph did not reject his guilty and cruel brothers, but rather accepted them with love and protected and saved them from hunger and death - I beseech you, O Glorious Patriarch, through your intercession, Grant that the Lord may never abandon me in this exiled valley of sorrows. Grant that he may always number me as one of your devoted servants who live serenely under the patronage of your Holy Cloak.  Grant that I may live always within the protection of this patronage, every day of my life and particularly at that moment when I draw my dying breath.


Hail O Glorious St Joseph, you who are entrusted with the priceless treasures of Heaven and Earth and foster-father of Him who nourishes all creatures of the universe.  You are, after Mary, the Saint most worthy of our love and devotion.  You alone, above all the Saints, were chosen for that supreme honour of rearing, guiding, nourishing and even embracing the Messiah, whom so many Kings have Prophets would have so desired to behold.

St Joseph, save my soul and obtain for me from the Divine Mercy of God that petition for which I humbly pray.  And for the holy souls in Purgatory, grant a great comfort from their pain.

(Recite 3 Glory be's to the Father) 


O Powerful St Joseph, you were proclaimed the Patron of the Universal Church, therefore, I invoke you, above all the other Saints, as the greatest protector of the afflicted, and I offer countless blessings to your most generous heart, always ready to help in any need.

To you, O Glorious St Joseph, come the widows, the orphans , the abandoned, the afflicted, the oppressed.  There is no sorrow , heartache or anguish which you have not consoled.  Deign, I beseech you, to use on my behalf those gifts which God has given you, until I too shall be granted the answer to my petition.  And you, Holy Souls in Purgatory, pray to St Joseph for me.

(Recite 3 Glory be's to the Father) 


Countless are those who have prayed to you before me and have received comfort and peace, graces and favours.  My heart, so sad and sorrowful, cannot find rest in the midst of this trial which besets me.  O Glorious St Joseph, you know all my needs even before I set them forth in prayer.  You know how important this petition is for me.  I prostrate myself before you as I sigh under the heavy weight of the problem which confronts me.

There is no human heart in which I can confide my sorrow; and even if I should find a compassionate creature who would be willing to assist me, still he would be unable to help me.  Only you can help me in my sorrow, St Joseph, and I beg you to hear my plea.

Has not St Theresa left it written in her dialogues - that the world may always know - "Whatever you ask of St Joseph, you shall receive."

O St Joseph, comforter of the afflicted, have pity on my sorrow and pity on those poor souls who place so much hope in their prayers to you.

(Recite 3 Glory be's to the Father) 


O Sublime Patriarch St Joseph, because of you perfect obedience to God, you may intercede for me.

For your holy life full of grace and merit, hear my prayer.

For your most sweet name, help me.

For your most holy tears, comfort me.

For your seven sorrows, intercede for me.

For your seven joys, console me.

From all harm of body and soul, deliver me.

From all dangers and disaster, save me.

Assist me with your powerful intercession and seek for me, through your power and mercy, all that is necessary for my salvation and particularly the favour of which I now stand in such great need.

(Recite 3 Glory be's to the Father) 


O Glorious St Joseph, countless are the graces and favours which you have obtained fro afflicted souls.  Illness of every nature, those who are oppressed, persecuted, betrayed, bereft of all human comfort, even those in need of their life bread - all who implore your powerful intercession are comforted in their affliction.

Do no permit, O dearest St Joseph, that I alone be the only one of all who have appealed to you, to be denied this petition which I so earnestly beg of you. Show your kindness and generosity even to me, that I may cry out in thanksgiving, "Eternal glory to our Holy Patriarch St Joseph, my great protector on Earth and the defender of the Holy Souls in Purgatory."

(Recite 3 Glory be's to the Father) 


Eternal Father, who are in Heaven, through the merits of Jesus and Mary, I beg you to grant my petition.  In the name of Jesus and Mary I prostrate myself before your divine presence and I beseech you to accept my hopeful plea to persevere in my prayers that I may be numbered among the throngs of those who live under the patronage of St Joseph.

Extend your blessing on this precious treasury of prayers which I today offer to him as a pledge of my devotion.

(Recite 3 Glory be's to the Father) 

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